Hello, my Name is Mickey Buchanan, I was born in January, 1980.   And This is my Story.

On November 8th, 1987 I was in a major car accident causing the cerebrum of my brain to be damaged.  Not only have I lost over half my memory, but also my family, toys, games, friends, I even lost my home.  I have very little memories of growing up.  And if you want to get technical, I can even show you the bump on my skull.    Because of this, The AGING and LEARNING parts of my brain have been completely destroyed making it very difficult for me to socialize with people my physical age.  I believe that losing your spirit affects not only the soul, but also the hearts pulse, creating the death of the embodied spirit within.  And I have studied every thought of mine to perfection knowing that this is the absolute truth.

Because of my injury, I have lost the ability to grow, (as it says above.)  Therefore, I consider myself to be a 10 year old adolescent child the way I interact with youth, my education level, and the kids I hang with.   But, I do understand that I will need to get more acquainted with the parents before I can befriend a child, and to me- that is going to take a very long time.  And just so you know, other then my family who I took care of for 10 years, I would like to add that, I have not had a friend since 1993.  (You can read about the friends that I have gained from 2009 - 1015 in my other story, THE STORY ABOUT FRIENDSHIP.)  Oh, and By the way, it was 2004 that I started taking care of a child.

So, I would say that: 75% of my spirit is of a child, and 25% is a grown man.

Also developing Social Anxiety Disorder, or S.A.D. (losing the ability to talk to people) put a burden on my life.  This could also be found in the ADAA website.  I have read that over 40 million Americans have this, so I know that I am not alone.  But me, I have lost the ability to grow, I can not get a job without education, I have no money, no friends, no transportation, so basically I have no life.  But GAD - General Anxiety Disorder is a different story entirely because with GAD, it makes me worry too much about my future, and makes me think about my past.  It worries me about my friends and family, that I will not be able to see them again, about past life events, my future, and time itself.  It worries me about my friends because I know that one of these days, they will out-grow me and I will lose them forever, it worries me that all these little kids will say, "NO, I do not want to be your friend" and that they will have friends who are their own age to hang with.  But most of all, it worries me that the parents of the child will not read about me, or would want to get to know me.

There is another thing too.  I am Introverted, meaning I recharge my power by being alone.  But 90% of the time- I prefer to be extroverted, talking in social groups.  I want to be one of those people that have about 10 people all listening to me talking about I-Do-Not-Know.  This information can be found online or found in your local library about Introverts and Extroverts.

And If you have any Idea of how hard it would be for me to talk to an adult, then you have NO IDEA how hard it would be for me to talk to a child.  This being said, I would like to ask a child, "Hey, want to come over and watch a movie, have a milkshake, play a game, or order pizza.  And although I know that I am trapped as a child forever, I do know that when I become 50 years old, I will still be wanting these little kids to come into my life and do the exact same thing as a child would.

So if you see me, walking, or talking to children, please do remember: I am just trying to have some friends.  Just like all my other friends I have listed, known and loved in my other story, The Story Of Friendship.

Remember: it just takes ONE, One person who does not get to know me, One person who does not read about me, One person who does not spread the word about me- and I lose all my friends that I have gained- Every single one of them, Just from ONE parent..  So Please, Share this web page with as many people as you can, even if you do not know who they are.

Some of my little friends see the tears falling from my eyes, I say to them, with a smile and a simple hug, "I need more friends." And it is because they are out-growing me- Every child I ever hung out with is out growing me. - Yes, I need a family again, I need people to see me as a child, to take care of me, I am not saying that I can not take care of myself but it would be nice to have someone to play games, or to have someone to eat with.  What I would like is for someone to come up to me and ask if I would care to be invited for dinner or something.  (I hope it is a family of 3 or more people.)

But being a grown man, I can not ask a child if he wants to come over, and I can not ask the parents if I can befriend their son- instead this is how I do it, just giving out my web page hoping that they will understand.  All I hope for is that maybe somehow I can get acquainted with the child.  After all, the child and I are on the same page, meaning he is just as smart as I am.  And the saddest part is when they out-grow me.   That is why I find my time being alone with nobody to talk to, it sucks- it really does.  Nobody to eat with, or to play games with.  Nobody has offered me to go eat with them, invited me to a party, or anything like that.  I try over and over inviting my friends to eat with me.   I can ask anyone, any (10 year old) friend of mine if he wants to come eat with me.  And do you know what the parents are going to think of me as?   Then again, the friends I will get will still be out-growing me, then I will have to find more 10 year old kids to hang with.

So now you got proof, I am that little 10 year old boy who you have been reading about.  It is true that sometimes I find my death very near, sometimes I can not find any reason to live anymore.  I just do not want to be a 50 year old man trying to hang around 10 year old kids.  So tell me, "what would you do?"

Oh yes, I must tell you a little bit about Heart Breaks...  Heart Breaks are the worst thing that a person like me could ever get.  They are extremely sad, I do get very emotional, (Very VERY emotional) deep in thought about losing my friends in time, afraid they will never see me again, afraid that I have done something wrong to destroy my relationship with my friends or family, and do trust me, after what happened to my nephew (whom I have known for 10 years), or when my friends outgrow me, it is like I can never see them again as they were when they had the heart to first love me, just like I loved Every Single friend of mine that I have lost In time.  But, Heart Breaks do not stop there, they get much worse-  Much- much worse!

Because my spirit has been corrupted, you must know that when and IF I decide to make it to age 50, I will still want to have the youth as my friends who will still be helping me live.    Have you any Idea how hard that will be??   I need a family again, someone who understands me.  I need to have a home with those youth that love to be with me, to play games, or watch movies.  But now, everyone frowns at me whenever I am around other kids, nobody knows know that I did once have a family, (Friends that I have known for over 20 years.)  Others think that my beliefs are different then what other people believe in.  If I were to be requested in sharing my story with the public, I would like to do so in a crowded environment.  Like a school, a church, or a community.  And after I tell everyone my story, even they will understand that I would do ANYTHING to be a child again, A different child, completely different.  There is lots of kids out there that I wish I can be cloned into, but there is NO WAY I can tell anyone that....    But to be cloned into a 10 year old boy, who can have 10 year old friends, and to go to school with the others - *The Ultimate Wish

The police read this web page, and quite frankly I do not think they want anything to do with me.  but I had a background check and I am clean, they know I am good with kids, they also know that everything in The Fountain Of Youth is what happened to me.  And you will believe it too.  In fact, I believe they will not talk to me, because they know that what they done was wrong about taking my family from me.  And this very sad story will be read about in the chapter below.

In fact, I still hate the police for what they done, sometimes I do not care to even talk to them, because their the ones who took from me.  And Sometimes I do not care what happens to me, I do not have a family, or any friends, I am trapped in time as a 10 year old child, it is hard for me to talk to people.  And I am pretty sure you would not want to live like this either.

But this is the live that God gave me to have, and I really hate it.  I could use a family, maybe a few friends who can see me as a 10 year old, maybe I do want more education- learning from a 4th grader, (Knowing that my learning skills are very low), or know that I can just get a gun and end it all.

  So please, do not make my life any worse then it already is.

Trust me: There Is NOTHING You Can Do!

And with these Heartbreaks that I continue to get daily, the precious moments I lost, and the interactivity I want with youth, I now seek a new life with a new family.  A Family who can see me as a child, a child wanting to do the things that kids do, if you want to adopt me, to be apart of your family, just let me know in the comment box at the bottom of this page.  I will do anything to have a family again- Even if that means moving to another State.

So, let me give you the run down: I have no friends, no family, I lost my spirit meaning I can not grow with people, my girlfriend died in 1994, her sister had a son: (Age 10) who was kicked out of the city because of a rumor, I am scared to meet friends, I do not know how to talk to people, nobody likes me, nobody loves me, and nobody gives a crap about me.     Life is very, very hard for me, and extremely sad, living without anyone.  Why I want to continue with my life is still unknown.  Perhaps the reason is, I would not want to live it again.

Perhaps someday technology will expand to where I can be cloned into a child: THE ULTIMATE WISH!  Thus recreating: The Fountain Of Youth.   (The Heart Of My Web page.)     And do not worry, this story is not nearly as long as this web page.

Please click on the book above to read the story of, (THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH)

Mickey Buchanan - Frozen In Time!

The Ultimate Wish

Some wishes are destined to be forgotten, some to be saved, some are buried, some are to be put in a jar to be off at sea, and some just to be wished for everyday.  There is a wish of mine to be forever a child, to have friends, knowing that they will out-grow me.  But this is what happened to me, not to have grown-ups as friends, but to be friends with children.   Even my Best Friend, (Age 10) says that he wishes that I was his age, so I can be with his friends.  To save my memories, I have created another separate web page entitled The Forgotten Teardrops Of Time.  (All my friends are in it.)  Not that anyone would want to read about my Memories- it is more of my journal, I do not know why I put it online.

I like to have parties, inviting the youth over to my home, to have milkshakes, pizza, popcorn, movies, (Family Movies).  Maybe they could spend the night.  I am a VERY good babysitter (Trust Me).  But I have to be careful, some people might not understand.  Yet, I can not ask anything to a child, I have to ask their guardian.  That is why I hand out my cards.  People who DO NOT read my cards (This Web Page) are people who think I am a weird psychopath.  That is why I have to be extremely careful.  Somebody did that to me in 2014, and I lost all eight of my (10 year old) friends even after I have given her this web page.  I have told her to read it, I gave all the parents my web page, but none of them took the time to read it, until a parent started calling me bad names, I even asked her if she read my web page, she even went to the court house, even They even told her to read my web page.  So if you know someone who is talking trash about me, just be sure to tell them about me, and hopefully they will understand.

Better yet: ADOPTION... I seen Big Daddy with Adam Sandler and I thought, if Social Services can give him a child, then why can I not have one?  Of course, that was just a movie.   But, if that were to happen- I know I would not be alone anymore.  Yes, you can give me a child, and when I look into his heart, I will smile and say, "Is this Family?"   I know I will be happy, but with my fear of losing him in time, if he is taken, or if I gave up will break my heart.  But, if you want to give me a child that is up to you...   What I fear the most is when he Out-Grows me.   But I know I can be a great dad, I can love him, cook for him, play games with him, even take him to school.   (JUST AS I DONE FOR TEN YEARS!)   I do since that all kids love me, I have been good to every kid that came up to me, I have been like a father to those who do not have one, as I remember many kids asking me to be their father.  They might not remember, but I do.  There were even a few parents asking me to take care of their kids.

With the youth leaving, moving on, and out-growing me, what would you do?  Even the police will tell you that I have a very horrible life.  With the death of my girlfriend in 1994, the city schools taking my family from me, nobody understanding what I went through- it is just horrible.  Heck, there are many people saying, "I would not want to live like that either."  And I can end it anytime I want.  It all started with the death of my spirit in 1987, then the death of my girlfriend in 1994, being trapped in time for an additional 15 years.  Not knowing what to do, what to say, or how to act.  Heck, I do not even know if what I type makes any since.  But I do know that my spirit is trapped in time, somewhere in the early 1990s, explaining why I can not grow.   Oh and, you will find a picture of me and my girlfriend in one of my YouTube videos.  (She was 6 years old in the photo.)

As you can see, this web page was poorly typed out- that is why sometimes I think that if I went to school learning with the other 5th graders- I will be bettering myself, to compete with them to see who can be the smartest, and who will go to the next grade, trust me- I am right there at multiplication.  I did get my science book, so I am starting to read.  But all the kids will laugh and tease me and I will just be looked at as someone else.  I even feel like an 10 year old 5th grader, I do not have a family, any friends, no money, no future, no education, I am not happy, I have nowhere to go, I have no physical Skills, no music Skills, no drama classes, -Nothing...   Just the thought of ending it all would ease the burden of sadness.  If I had 200 billion dollars, I would spend it all on Cloning, to be forever a child.

However, I must tell you of the abusive and offensive names I am called by kids; they call me a complete psychopath, a child molester, and a pedophile.  But they need to know that I just want some friends, possibly a few friends who are of the same age as me, since nobody can see my age; it is kind of hard to have friends with them.  I like to have birthday parties with my friends, if you want to get me anything, anything at all- from cards, money, an usb flash drive, even a bag of marbles- I would take anything.   But what I really would like is just for someone to show up.   What I DO NOT like is spending my birthday party alone.  Like in 2014, I bought everything and nobody showed up, I am never doing that again.  

So, you can call me confused, stupid, a hobo, and I know it is wrong and I might get in trouble for being around kids, it is actually very scary.  And that is why at anytime- I can take myself out.   Everything and Everyone I love is gone, I have no education, I have no job, no money, no family, hardly any friends, and the friends I do have are out-growing me, so what would you do?   Being as scared as I am, the only thing I think of is cloning me into a 10 year old boy, and you will fully understand why I typed that if you read The Fountain Of Youth.

I know that I am a strong enough person, but sometimes, just sometimes, I need someone to take my hand and say, "Everything is going to be all right!"  You do that for me, and I will know that the all mighty spirits have given me another Best Friend.  Because the way it is going, I can not ever get married; have a family of my own.  And if you can see that, you would know that a part of my body is dead.  I can not even get a job because I am not educated enough.

Anyway, I am scared, I am scared to death, and I DO NOT want to go to collage, or take my exams, finish my education.  Because I will not be able to fit in.  All I know how to do is be a child, which is all I know to be.  As God as my witness, I do hope that technology will increase to reform me into a little child so I can be with my friends, it is the prayer I pray about Every Night.  The only accomplishment in life is this web page, knowing that there are people who read it, and there are people who understand that if I were to commit suicide, It will be because of the soul truth about me: I am 10 years old, trapped in time and there is NOTHING you could do to fix me.

Personally, at this age- wishing and hoping people could see me as a little boy, around age 11, lacking most abilities, personality, and freedom- I do think there is a God that can do something for me.  I do find myself alone at night, thinking that if I were to die, either by gun shot, or a heart attack due to extreme loneliness, buried in time, that someday, in some way, My wish can be answered.

A Magic Genie grants me 3 wishes:
I would wish for a Family, more Friends, and to clone myself into a little boy.

This might be kind of weird, (coming from me) but, I do wish that some doctor can come up to me, and ask, "Is There a Child do you want to be reformed as?"   I would respond, "My Best Friend, he is 11 years old, and he is a lot smarter then me."   (Oh and by the way, He Is the Only Friend I Have!)

So, THE ONLY thing that can make my life any better would be if the ALMIGHTY reformed my Body into a little child.  Every morning I wake up and ask, "Why has God not answered me?"   I prey Every- Single- Night!      Even if I were to die, it will be doubtful anyone would be there at my funeral, and I want my tombstone to say that I died a very sad boy, and that all I ever wanted was to be a child.

What I Do / Hobbies

Now.  Because of my ability to have this web page: I am looking for a talent scout, and having my story published online, perhaps it might make it to Hollywood.  (I do have a You-Tube channel and I am looking forward to uploading more videos.)  If those talent scouts in California read my web page, they need to know that this biography is very long, and I am very proud of my success.  However, if they do choose to hire me as a lead role in an upcoming feature film, that would be great.  (I have a very weird act.)   I have always wanted the spotlight and I am not afraid of showing off my acting skills.  But I refuse to attend the K. Falls Schools for acting classes to become a Professional Actor because of what they done to my family.   And besides, even if I did get a lead role, I will have to be what is called, "A CHILD STAR"    But I would love to show off my acting skills on TV.

Now I am trying to look for a job, or something to do, but I would rather be in school to be with the other kids. (Even though I have no family to go to School WITH!)  The only thing I know how to to is be a kid.  But asking for a job, It is called, "DISCRIMINATION" because of my child-like abilities.  I also fear Rejection, and besides, I do not even have a family to work for.  Or spend money on.

I am an Actor; some of my Talents are on my YouTube Channel, containing my professional Movie cropping of Dolphin Tale, along with others that I have illegally taken from shows, but mostly it will have my talent in acting.

I am hoping a famous Hollywood celebrity would get in contact with me, like Adam Sandler, Tim Allen, Martin Short, Steve Martin, Sam Neil, Jack Nicholson, Nick Cage, Jim Carry, Kurt Russel, Kevin Costner, Johnny Depp, Christopher Walken, Tom Hanks, Bill Pullman, or even better- Morgan Freeman- (I do want to talk to GOD.),  Oh how I miss my most Favorite Actor: Sir. Robin Williams.  I would also like to say, "HI" to Lance Burton.   Personally, The movie: The Expendables was a very good show, with lots of good actors in it.  I have a youtube with most of my acting abilities linked at the bottom of this page, I also compiled a short video that I like showing a few of my students called, (Name That Actor 101).  So, If you feel compelled to invite me for an actors screening, just let me know.  I am a very weird actor.  Trust me, I have acted in theater many times.  I got my inspiration off watching GOOFY.   I know you will think of this is weird, but I would even like to star in a show with Pee Wee.

I like to consider myself a Professional at Photography; I got my camera in March 2013, for $900 dollars.  I take pictures of scenery and animals, I then upload them onto my computer, and I sometimes make them into Polaroids, and print them out.  It is really fun, and I am really good at it.  And yes, I did take a class to learn Photography.  I crop photos, Edit photos; make video-slideshows from photos and put them on the web.

Because I am a child of the 80s, I enjoy listening to music from the 80s era, music by Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams, Bruce Springsteen, Bonnie Tyler, Billy Idol, Barbra Streistand, and Billy Ray Cyrus.  I even go back a lot farther and listen to The Beatles, The Doors, The Bee Gees, Even The Archies- (Nobody knows about them).  I even listen to Anne Murry, Celine Dion, and many others, I have a whole library of music, 2000+ songs, but I can not seem to get my friends interested in the music I listen to.

I like old games.  I like playing Mario games, with the old Super Nintendo.  I beat Super Mario Brothers on the Nintendo countless times.    I even play the Original Final Fantasy.  There is a website that I can go to where I can get a brand new Atari system- Just to play PAC-Man.   I like racing games.  I am not really into bloody games, or rated M games.   Those games kind of freak me out.  But the games I play, I can not show the youth, this is why I hate technology.   And that is one of the things I hate about life.

I am good at typing stories, I know this is illegal but I do have the whole story of Fox In Socks by Dr. Suess, which I typed all myself.  And I typed the whole story to Arnold Lobels, Frog And Toad Are Friends.  Meaning, I am good on computers, I typed this whole web page, with help from MSWord.   And to this day- I am still updating my web page, every once in a blue moon!

I collect Disney Videos.   If you want to get me a Disney movie, it will have to be in Blu-ray/3D format.  I have around 50 Disney VHS tapes.  But with this Darn age of Technology- everything has to be blu-ray.  I watch shows as young hearted like Sonic The Hedgehog.  My favorite is called:  "So Long Sucker".  I like the ending of each episode too, that is primarily why I watch Sonic.   And yes, I even watch, The Little Engine That Could, Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer, The Simpsons, and Family Guy.  And I have seen the entire collection of Malcolm In The Middle.

And If you are into technology, and you have a PlayStation 4, or a PlayStation 3 system, and would like to play an online game with me, my PlayStation name is: Phineas760 ..   I am usually playing Neverwinter, it is an adventure game, for all ages and it is free from the PS Store.  In fact; (First Contact with the outside world): I had been talking to a 9 year old, whose mom wanted my web page address, so I gave it to her, she was the very first person who made a comment about this page, it has been online since 2009, and she was the very first person, I want to thank her and her family for that.

Because of my Talents, Finally being able to show them- I have acquired more friends on Face book.  I also have Skype on my phone.  So, you can see that I am very talented.  I put my heart and soul into typing it, every word, letter, phrase, and paragraph was all done by me. 

I would like someone to come over here and do something with me, like watch one of those neat 1980 shows, or play an old Final Fantasy game, but I do understand that those kids in this new era are not interested in such things.  I have an old classic show called, The California Raisins, (I also have their record.) but no kid would want to be interested in that show.   When you read about my Friends, remember that first chapter is very sad. 

 I thought my life would be easier somehow, I thought that people will all be there to help me, with all me friends there beside me.  But look at me, I can not even keep a straight smile without breaking the truth, and if I were to be happy, knowing that it is something I love to do, then I will just screw up again.  And after carefully thinking of my life, I just come up with the weirdest thoughts- Like adoption, having a child again would be the best thing for me, but with that I know I will just screw up again, knowing that I will fail.   Besides, I know that most adoption agencies will discriminate against me.

Friends and Family

My parents..
My father is the main reason why I choose not to live with my parents, that and they are so far away from civilization, (Can not have any Friends out there..)  I will never forget how I came home once, when my father yelled at me for trying to tell him how my day was.  He does not care about talking to his family, all he cares about is watching his stupid TV program.  I must admit, It was very rude.  And that is why I am not going back to be with them.   I also will not forget the fact that he himself told me that he does not care about anything beyond his gate.  Yet, he watches The News, about the president, about murder, killings, ext.    Plus, my father hates the fact that I have a web page, but he needs to know that this web page is the only reason why I am still alive.  But then again, there is only a few people who read it, and only a few people who care.

And yes, I did once have the best of friends who I admired and cared for for over 10 years.  My (So Called): Nephew, was kicked out of School by The Principle of Roosevelt Elementary School here in K. Falls, (City School).  The rumor about him in my Google Profile (linked at the bottom of this page) whom I have no idea who they are- saying something about a girlfriend.  But I believe that he was slapped by the principle.  And yet, I still wounder why she still works there, why she lied about him, why has not she got fired, and if that was called, "Child Harassment".  The Principle even came over to my house once, I will never forget that.  Now, I have no friends, no family, or no education.  As it says in my Google+ profile, "Thank You for making my life a living Hell."

Taking away my family, is the worst thing that anyone can ever do.

However, I am not affiliated with the schools at all, I am not against harming this city, nor am I threatening to do anything to the schools, my nephew was told a rumor about and kicked out of the city schools, and discriminated from the county schools.   And that is all in the past.  (I know this is the worst city ever, no principle would believe in such a stupid rumor.)  But all is forgiven and forgotten.   But it was pretty heartbreaking.  And I will never forget it.  Remember, I am not going to do anything about it, all I want is a friend.

That little 10 year old, 4th grader was tutoring me, but stopped when they were kicked from the city.  His last day of school was on Friday, November 18th, 2011.   (They left in January that next year.)   Ever since then- I was robbed, used, taken advantage of, lied to, was never invited camping, never invited for dinner, never invited for a family trip, never went swimming, had fun, played tag, or any kind of family activity.

Personally I do not believe in such a stupid rumor.

Five years later: wanting friends and an education: I begun my own tutoring business.  You will find my unique tutoring abilities belowWhile he tutored me on the subjects that I needed help with (Like Math), I was tutoring him with reading and spelling.  He was very smart with his multiplication, where he taught me a very unique thing to do with 9s involving subtraction- and he was only 10 years old.  But I still can not believe that after 20 years of knowing his mom, the city would do something stupid like kick a 10 year old out of school.

As it says above about Tutoring and Mentoring.  I am getting into volunteering for schools to hopefully become more educated.  Hopefully they would understand that this is all I can to do, (It is something I really need) to hopefully make some friends, and possibly find a family.  But you need to know that all my friends are 9 - 11 years old and I am sure the readers of this web page would understand.  Please do remember that all you see when you look at me is the form.  Also please spread the word about my web page, I know it is sad, but it is all true.

There will Never be a Smile on my face until the day that I can go to school to be with my friends.   And Please remember, With my Social Anxiety, Time Disorder, and the Ultimate wish, I would like to quote something from The Make A Wish Foundation:


This here may be the most saddest story you will ever read in your whole life.


What hurts is to think about is USERS.  And how my parents used me to get to my friends.  In March, 2014 I stayed with my friends for about a month.  Their youngest son, (My Best Friend) and now, (One of my Students), has allowed me to sleep in his room (while he stayed in his brothers room of course.)  I will never forget how he had a sign on his door saying, "Keep out.  My Room."  He said that I was the only one who could go in his room.  *That is a true Friend!*    But to be used by my parents, the people who raised me and the same people who told me about users are now using me to get friends!  I will never forget when my parents broke down, and they needed a ride home, they used my Friends to get them home, I did not like that at all!  The worst thing was, they all went out to their home WITHOUT ME.   Oh and, by the way, in 1994- they moved out to the middle of nowhere to isolate themselves from the rest of the world.  Do you know how mad was at my parents!!?   That would be like me using another persons car to take my whole family to Disneyland without him.  Even my very own Brother, used me to get friends.

I even quit my job at the theatre because of the way people treat me, they call me stupid and dumb, even my boss was not treating me right, I would have liked to learn, but he would not teach me.  He also lied to me: he was going to get me a birthday present, and he was going to let me audition someone for the upcoming play.  I was confronted by one of my friends who attends Youth Camp, and was asked, why I do not work at the theatre anymore, and I responded, "I wanted to quit because of the my family was treated here in town."

But, you must also understand that because I am a child- I am very vulnerable.  (I have no Education, and I hang out with 10 year old kids.)  On June 10th 2015, my home was broken into by my 14 year old friends.  The police were called, and got photos of footprints, and everything.  I knew it was them too.   But you must understand that I will not get them for trespassing or breaking and entering because I would not do that to the only friends I have.  And you have no Idea how hard it is for me to make friends.  Sometimes I think that I should not even have done that.    I always thought of them as family the way they accepted me into their home for a few weeks.

It also happened by another friend of mine on December 15th, 2015, about 6 months later.  This time he took 2 things, but I did get them back.  I did actually call the police.  I know who it was by his shoe print in the snow, and he was the only one who knew the secret of how to get in.  He is a very bored kid, he was kicked out of school, and he has nothing to do, so he bothers others.  Now he is not welcome at my house anymore.  I know that I only have a few friends, and I did not want to do this, but it is for the best.  Not only did he do that, but in September- he also took my bike out for a spin, meaning that he stole it.  I did not tell the police about that, but I could have, it was a very old bike, it was about to fall apart.  I need a new bike anyway.   And I would like to thank the police for telling me that I am a good investigator.   If the police are reading this, (assuming that they do.)  I would like a new bike, I would also like to ask him where it went, and who took it from him.  He was after all the last person I know who had it.

Not only that, but my Keybored, my Organ was stolen from me, I never did get it back, nor am I looking for it anymore.  (As I just remembered about it).  I think it was a Christmas gift.  Oh wait, My Guitar too, It is Broken.  I lost that too.   So, you see, everyone uses me, take advantage of me, steal from me, and why?  Is my life so easy for people to get to?


 (Me tutoring kids, would be scary for those who do not read this...) 

I know my Tutoring aspect might seem kind of Desperate of my looking for little friends to Hang with, but know that I am without a family, Plus my ability to please kids who would ask for things, I would do anything for a child, but they would need to meet me half way.  Meaning they would need to work for it.

My Personal Slogan: You Must Work For What You Want.


The Traveling Salesman
Once upon a time, there was a traveling salesman, who made his money by selling his school work.  He came up to a buyer and asked, “Can I have 5 dollars if I do this?”   But the buyer was generous and offered him $10 dollars to do it.  (Sometimes he gave him more- depending on how many pages the Salesman had done.)  The buyer liked how he did not ask for help, he did not complain about his work, and that the salesman would do his work without pestering him.  He also noticed how trusting, and how honest the salesman was, meaning if the buyer found anything wrong, then the salesman would not get anything.


You should know by now that my best friend, (10 years old) who was a lot smarter then me, was kicked from school.  He taught me how to do math, and sometimes he would read to me.  His mom, who I have known for over 20 years has allowed me to be with him so I can have a Family and an Education.  I do not have much education, so when I have friends over here, I like to make it so they work for what they want.  But this has been faded out, with the years upon us, they outgrow me, become smarter then me, have families, and kids of their own.  It is very sad, and with the kids that I tutor, the smiles, the questions, and all those finished math pages- eventually I will lose my tutoring abilities.  Perhaps someday, I will have gained enough friends and Students to start my own tutoring business.  Besides, I do have a few math solutions that my Best Friend taught me.

You might find my teaching abilities kind of unique, I experiment on new teaching abilities everyday.  Having them teach me and having me learn from the student, but still tutoring them, I play as the student, asking them how they did that.  But secretly- I already know the answer to the problem, I ask anyway.  Asking them, "Can you teach me how to do this".   My teaching abilities for 5th and 6th graders, doing (Plus Same Number)- you start by adding 1 + 1, then plus 2, plus 4, plus 8, plus 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024- and so on....

So if you want me to tutor your kid- know that I am a good poet, good at solving puzzles, but I am bad at my reading comprehension, and as for math: I can go up to multiplication but that is about it.

At the beginning of this page, it says that I had to restart the first grade back in 1994.  Meaning that for about 5 years, I was trying to go with time, learning as a 7th grader.  But my accident occurred when I was 8 years old meaning I only have a 4th grade education, so when I check their work- I usually have to look up the answers in the book, that is why I do not let them work from the book, because they have been known to look in the back for the answers, or get on this computers calculator.  My Best Friend: (6th grader) came over and asked me to put money on his game, so I asked him to do an addition math sheet, (I did that only One Time!)  At first I thought, "What is a 6th grader doing 2nt grade math?", so I bought him a 5th grade math book.  But I did fulfill my promise to put $20 on his game.  In fact, he is the only one I do that for.  So from now on- to earn his allowance, he must do a work sheet- either, Reading, Science, or Math.  He then can use these credits to buy and download PS4 games, or use the money to buy Shark Cards on GTA5.

Just as I have done for my family years ago.

You can however, send teachers out here to talk to me.  I have been told that I have a very weird way of teaching, I do not circle the wrong ones, I tell him how many he got wrong and let him Find and Correct them himself.   If those wrong ones are still there then I start deducting him 5 points from his score.  And as of right now, I only have 1 student.  I do hope to get more.  So, if you want me to be a tutor to your son, or daughter- I would love to.  I will get a work book for the child to work from.  I think I will get a tray where when they are finished with their work, they put their work in the tray, (They must put down their names.)   I get their work out, I will count all the correct answers, once I am finished, he or she will get an award.

However, upon tutoring, I would like to learn with the other 5th graders.  Trust me; I have been with kids for a very long time, at least 12 years, so you can say that I do know how to look after them.  If you want to set me up with an interview, my phone number will be on the card.


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