This is the true story about Mickey Buchanan - (A victim with TBI)  Trapped in time as a 10 year old child, who just wants is a few friends.

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My Acting Videos, (Chapter 3)

WARNING:  On Tuesday, November 20th, 2018- A scout, from KFalls has shot me with a BB Gun, it hurt for about a minute, Nobody came out to help me...  I can not believe that this is what they are teaching the scouts.



A TBI victim, nobody understands..

The plan is to be reformed into a little child, (The Ultimate Wish) so i can have friends, go to school, there won't be no rumors about me, nobody will shoot me with BBs, I can join the scouts, go camping, hiking, etc. And maybe even have a family, be adopted. Have a Christmas, Birthday Parties, etc.  Because of what I look like - Kfalls won't let me do Anything. I'll Never forget that time that the police came over and said that I can't have friends.


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November 28th, 2018

On November 8th, 1987- I was in a major car accident causing me to have a Traumatic Brain Injury also known as a TBI..  (If you look closely at the 7 year old photo of me above, you could see that I was in a hospital, and I was there for about 2 years.)  After I had left the hospital- I found myself alone, afraid, and I did not know anyone.  This is the only way I know how explain this horrible tragedy but this is my story about my TBI and how it effects my everyday life..    But even with this web page, I still can not get anyone to understand that all I know is to be a child....    Please help me by spreading the word about TBI...   (But, I know most of you people do not even care!)

I know that whenever I try talking to kids, it can get me into trouble, this is why I need YOU to read this web page and see that I am completely harmless, I will not hurt Anyone, I just want a few friends.  I want a child (Boy or girl) to call me up and say, "Can I come over, and watch a movie or play a game?"   The child could even ask, "Can You order us a pizza?"

I also have too much anxiety, I can not walk up to someone's door and knock on it.  (There is No Way)  I would rather talk to a child, but I know that the child will turn me down. And most of the parents will not even talk to me.  All I can do is give them a card.  Most of them will not even read it, or even- this web page.   Unless they come talk to me, "Hi, I have TBI, PTSD, meaning that I am 10 years old, I am really good with kids, a Heck of a good babysitter, I have PS3, PS4,  a zillion movies that we can watch, and I just want a friend."   Then perhaps people will start coming over, and saying, "HI"..  But because of my anxiety, I can not introduce myself.  You will need to come over here and introduce yourself to me. 

And these rumors about me are not helping...    You say that you know me, Well- YOU DO NOT KNOW ME AT ALL- I am not here to hurt anyone, All I want is a Friend, a 10 year old friend (Around My Age) to come over and hang out with...   But because of KFalls- I can not go to school, join the scouts, or have any friends without someone telling rumors about me, or having the cops come over to my house and telling me that I can not have Friends.

Oh and, By The Way- I can not have a family either, can I?   Yes, I did once have a family (People who understood who I am).  Kicked out of KFalls due to a Rumor.  You can read about them, in the very sad story of, The Story Of Friendship...    I just have one question though...   Do You Want Me Dead??  I do not think that the police care if I die, all they do is come over here and say that I can not have friends.

And yet, It is quite obvious that people in town here want me dead, I was trying to have friends by joining the scouts, and was shot by someone with a BB Gun the very next week, I do know that he had on a scout uniform.  You are probably right, I would not want to join the scouts after they tried to kill me.  Is this what they are teaching the scouts???

Please read more of my story in, THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH

But you are still unaware of exactly how hard my life really is.


You may see me as an Adult in his late 20s, but I have the mind of a child. mainly because of my education.   I have a huge collection of Disney Movies, cartoons, and games,  I also have money, If you want to come over and have pizza, that would be great...  Being Trapped In Time, one can only Imagine me as cursed with Total and Complete Solitude.    No Friends, no family, no education, Nothing!!

You can not see it, can you?  When ever I walk outside, I feel harassed, abused, people call me names, they hide from me, I feel threatened, I feel that I am not wanted..  I am scared, afraid, alone..  I have nobody in my life!   It is all because nobody understands.   I never hurt anyone, I do not yell at people, I do not smoke, do drugs, drink, or anything like that, People start rumors about me, and discriminate me from society.

I know what people think of me, and none of it is true.  I am just 10 years old, who seeks 10 year old friends, as well as a 4th grade education, but since I can not learn anything, (Because of TBI)- I can only seek interest in volunteering for schools.  I even have a few school books for a child to learn from.  I have formed (Tutoring) as one of my Activities to help me socialize with the kids and parents, keeping the child up to speed with his or her grade level..    (Read more about Tutoring in chapter 6, the last chapter in this web page.)  Remember, I am 10 years old, the more people who understand this- the better my life will be..

I would like to join the Scouts to go camping, swimming, or have an adventure.  I have a nephew who is in the scouts, why do I not get to be with him, I did see him putting up a flag in Seattle.  But I do not think they should discriminate against people with TBI.  So I made a few mistakes in my life-  What 10 year old do you know that has not done anything stupid?   To go on trips, discover new adventures, maybe even visit the underground aquarium, I will take my camera...   If you want to give me a chance, I will be here.

However, there are a few good things in my life- I did once have the best of friends who became more of a family to me, and trust me: I have known her family for many years.  She had a son, (Not mine) but I did help her raise him for 9 years, but if you want to know the sad and scary part, He was kicked out of school.  Kicked out of the City..  And thanks to KFalls, I lost me best friend.  You should read about him in The Story Of Friendship.    (He was like my son.)

 Now- Whenever I try to meet a friend- the police come take him away from me.  Whenever I walk up to the mailboxes- I see a kid walking home from school putting a whistle in his mouth.    Whenever I walk around- everyone seems to hide from me, heck, I do not see any kids riding their bikes.  All Summer long- nobody ever wanted to talk to me.   I could use a friend right now- a little 10 year old friend, Heck-  I can even use a Family.  But I think Everyone sees me as a nut. I just want ONE DAY with a kid.  I do remember sending a child from the Heart Gallery $20.00 once.  But I want someone to come over, who I can have dinner with, or watch a movie with.   I could buy us a pizza.  But around here- nobody knows of me-  My Appearance gets in the way of everything.   Heck, I do not even know if my web page makes any since to the readers, Or if I typed it meaningful.

The only thing wrong with me is my appearance...  Now for my (Demeter) or whatever you call it- I do agree that I might be kind of weird, mainly because nobody has the time to get on here to read about me.  But everything else about me is normal (For a 10 year old).  But still- all you guys say is that I am Nut-Case. All the police need to do is come over, I will tell them exactly who calls me names, or treats me bad.   But I do not even think they care, they do not come over and talk to me.

Kids can go to school, have birthday parties, go to the park, have dinner with their families.....   But I can not have any friends without the police coming over and taking them away from me-   (THAT IS SO STUPID!!!)....   I do not see why kids get to go to school when I can not go to school.....    Someone goes up to a kid and asks, "Why are you not in school?"  The kid will reply, "Because he is not in school."   (Meaning Me) -

See:  Child Discrimination!   Just because I look like I am in my mid 20s, does not mean I AM in my mid 20s.  OR.. Just because a child has a broken leg, Heart failure, or can not speak-  You say that he can not go to school!   Pure and Utter Discrimination..

Again, You can read about him in my other web page: The Story Of Friendship.

I was still friends with all those other kids.  Every one of them all knew that I would never do anything wrong as they all played with me just as a child would.  But Of Course, someone HAD to create a rumor about me- and that was when I lost all of those little friends that I have tried so very hard to get...   Five Years later, (After Moving);  I met a little 10 year old friend, First Friend I had in 5 years...   (FIVE YEARS)...   - The police came over and questioned me why I was hanging with a child (To me that was very Rude).  I have given his parents one of my cards..  But the question is: Are they going to read THIS web page?    Also with my anxiety level the way it is: being too scared to go up to them, and say, "HI"- after knowing the cops came over..... 

That day, I contacted the Suicide Hotline and told them about my condition.  Even they told me that they understood.  This web page has been up since 2007, and Nobody, not even the police understand. 

It is funny how, "DISCRIMINATION" is a word nobody nobody in town here knows uses anymore...   There is absolutely nothing wrong with me, the ONLY thing wrong with me is my Appearance!   You need to remember that I am 10 years old- I need a few friends (as it says atop this page.)  And I hope the cops are reading this because I want THEM to get me some friends, THEM talk to the parents, giving them THEIR sincerest apology for destroying my friendship with that little child, and for not READING MY WEB PAGE!  (THIS NEVER WOULD OF HAPPENED IF THEY- THE POLICE- WOULD HAVE JUST READ THIS WEB PAGE!!!!!)  and to make sure to tell them, that I need that little kids help to help me get some friends..   

But, remember, you think of me as a nut-case- well call me what you will.  But, I assure you that I am not going to do anything wrong, I am as smart as a child- So what am I going to do?  What exactly goes through your idiot minds when you see me?   I will not hurt a kid, or touch a kid...  The Only way I would touch a kid, is is there was a fire, and I had to go in to save him, Or if a child was drowning and I had to go underwater to save him....  (Something drastic)    But, I am just 10 years old-  I was raised with no knowledge, no education, and I have society to blame for that.

But Society does not care, heck- I do not even think Society would care if I died.  I need to get the word out that I had no complaints about being with kids. (If technology can reform me into a little boy, that would be the ultimate wish, what I prey for every night.)   I need a friend to come watch a neat little cartoon with me, play a game with me, or spend the night.  I like to watch Tom and Jerry, Loony Toons, All types of kid shows...   I will order us pizza, we can get on our bikes, ride around, go to the park, swimming, I Promise I will take care of him or her.    

And SCREW SCHOOL, My Best Friend was kicked from School, and I can not even go to school, So why should anyone else go to school?   Spring Break 2018- Nobody called, nobody came over- Nobody even told me that it was Spring Break...  And Summer, -Nobody invited me camping, nobody invited me over, nobody invited me to go eat...  It is like, Nobody cares about me...   So if you do not want to attend school, Then You Do Not Have To!   Heck, I can tutor him/her-  I have many tutoring books if the child wants to learn, Or earn a few bucks!....

Thank you for Not reading about me, Thanks for Kicking My Best Friend out of the city, And Thank You Society for not Understanding!!
    If his Mom were here, she would have gone all ballistic about this stupid city, cause she knows exactly how hard my life is.  It is not my fault that Nobody can see me as a child who just wants a few friends!
   If I had it My Way, I would arrest the police for not knowing anything about me, I would arrest society for not understanding anything about me, I would definitely arrest Everyone around here for not understanding, and I would arrest the newspaper people for not putting my story in the paper...   

But Society always wins.

Yes, You can not beat it, no-matter how hard you try.  Discrimination will always be there!     Everything, EVERYTHING about me, down to the drop, EVERYTHING about me, is 10 years old.    I do not touch kids, do not hurt kids, I do not yell at kids, I am just as smart as a child.  Same IQ, -Everything.   And the City of Klamath Does not understand me one bit...   

The Prayer
Dear God, I need to be reformed into a little child, to have friends to go to school with, watch cartoons, build with legos, go to the park, spend the night, and to have parents who understand.  My stupid appearance gets in the way of everything, I can not even have a girlfriend or raise a family of my own.  I want to have a party with at least 10 kids, a birthday party perhaps.    All I know how to do- ALL I KNOW is to be a child...  Please God, Answer my Wish!

Please read more of my life in my other story of, The Fountain Of Youth.

TBI can really screw up your life huh?

Thank You for reading about me, If you want to stop by at my place, feel free to do so, Bring your family.  My address is at the bottom of this page...   I will buy us Pizza, we can play games.  You can even adopt me as a family member...  Or you may continue reading about DISCRIMINATION (My favorite word) and the many other chapters about me below.   Although, I could just imagine the police all apologizing to me with them all getting together and Inviting me to Willys Pizzeria to have dinner. (I had that dream once)...     I also had a dream once that I invited Zachary Gordon, from Diary Of A Wimpy Kid over to my house to have Pizza, (Of course now he is much older.)    And yes, I am one heck of a comedian.

I feel so alone in this world.

Chapter #2: Discrimination

School Discrimination:
Being as smart as a 10 year old 4th grader, I would like to go to school, but my appearance would be kind of scary.  I like to think of myself as 50% of me learning, and the other half of me as a volunteer....  (I have been known to be a good tutor.)   

Discrimination from Boy Scouts: 
I would like to join Boy Scouts but once again- my appearance gets in the way of Hiking, Climbing, Biking, even Camping, and going to other special places with all the other kids, something that I dread for every day.  Besides, I heard that they will not let you in if you have TBI and PTSD.

Family Discrimination:
What I really want is a birthday party with my family, and friends, having someone come over and have cake and ice cream, party, or to go to the game place to play a game, puzzles, go biking, camping...  I’ll invite anyone, any little friend of mine.

Job Discrimination:
Although I live my life as a child, (Not by Choice.)  without family, friends, or with no money, I do find that it’s illegal not to give a 10 year old child something to do.  Myself- age 10, I think it would be only fitting to give me a job, I tried getting a job at the Ross Ragland Theater, and all that guy says is, ("WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!!?)  To me, I found that very rude and offensive for someone with TBI.  (Is that not Disability Discrimination?)  Then a job at burger king, even they said, "NO"...  Is it because I am Slow, with TBI?  Or is it because I have no education?

Having a body like this, with my appearance at the way it is.  (I Hate my appearance.)  And being Discriminated against from society.  You ask any 10 year old kid if he wants to live with my body, to be able NOT to have sleepovers, NOT to go to school, NOT to go camping with your friends, NOT to have a family to playing monopoly with, scrabble, Nintendo, to watch Scooby-Doo together and see what he says.

And I will tell all parents how my best friend was treated and was kicked out of school because of rumors, and try to convince society that I am 10 with a fourth grade education.  Because I really hate my appearance.  If only there was a way to reform my form into a little child.

I never had much of a family, never had a girlfriend, I do not take drugs, I do not smoke, and I do not drink- meaning I am perfectly healthy.   I watch cartoons, it relaxes me when watching Tom and Jerry, I have seen every episode of the 1980s Series of Goof Troop, I watch Looney Tunes, And I just finished the first season of Lost In Space on NetFlix..   To have a kid here would mean more of the world to me, but I can not seem to ask the parents or yet to get acquainted with the adults with my TBI.  You can bring your kid here and I would look after him, sure- I have popcorn, we can order pizza, I have Amazon Prime Video, I can watch any cartoon, I have money, we can rent a movie, I have PS4, I have Virtual Reality, (Only for kids above 12) and I have loads of games on my PS4: Minecraft, and Gran Turismo Sport are two of my favorites.

(My Minecraft World: Pandemonium. 4+ years...  Me and my friends helped me.  If you want to try going through it, just add me at Phineas760).

I had bought a Flute that I wound like to learn to play, (It is actually called a recorder.)  Perhaps later on I can join a music group, or a band, but I need to learn to play it, and I feel that if I were in a class of 25 others, then I may be able to learn..

It is true: I see these really deformed kids, there was a child once born without arms, and he was mentally ill.  There was another who had to brush his teeth with his feet, I remember seeing that kid on YouTube.   In fact: Look up Mentally Disabled Kids, I bet you will see lots of them.   Yet, I do not think you will see any 10 year olds who look like grown ups, I may be the only one.  I do know there are more then 8,000 Americans who have PTSD.  But me, I am a deformed child, my mind stopped at age 10, so yea, I think I am one of those deformed kids, but does this kid get to go to school, does this kid get to have friends?

I hate my life, my appearance, I hate the fact that I do not have friends, and I hate how I am treated, but most of all: I hate how all my little friends are out-growing me...  Once again, This is caused by TBI; (The Worst Life Ever)  And I am pretty sure that there is not a thing you can do.  The only way to cure me is to clone me into a little child, but I do not think technology has got that far yet.

I know there are people reading this web page, and I know that They know that there is Nothing You, or Anyone can do to cure me.

Chapter #3: My Acting Channel

  I need help promoting my videos, if you or anyone you know can find any way to help me promote this, please let me know by signing me some kind of message at the bottom of this page.  Also included are a few of my earlier videos...  And please, Do Not forget about YouTube.

A Crazy Moment

The Yard Sale

The Soda Machine Requires A Bill


The Message Above The Toilet

The Letter U!!

2, shoes, 2 socks, A Pair Of Pants, why not a pair of shirts?

Chapter #5: Friends and Family

As you know, I once did have a family, a family that I loved very dearly, and a mom who knew absolutely everything about me.  Her son- (4th grader) was tutoring me, but stopped when he was kicked out of the entire city.  (She even helped me type this web page.)  His last day of school was on Friday, November 18th, 2011.   (They left in January that next year.)   Ever since then- I was robbed, used, taken advantage of, lied to, was never invited camping, never invited for dinner, never invited for a family trip, never went swimming, had fun, played tag, or any kind of family activity.

You have No Idea how much I miss them.  And you have No Idea how hard it is now to find a friend.   To the people of Klamath Falls, Oregon:

Five years after he was kicked out of school: I begun my own tutoring business.  You will find my unique tutoring abilities belowWhile he tutored me on the subjects that I needed help with (Like Math), I was tutoring him with reading and spelling.  He was very smart with his multiplication, where he taught me a very unique thing to do with 9s involving subtraction- and he was only 10 years old. 

As it says below about Tutoring and Mentoring.  I would like to get into volunteering for schools to hopefully become more educated.  Hopefully they would understand that this is all I can to do, (It is something I really need) to hopefully make some friends, and possibly find a family.  But you need to know that all my friends are 9 - 11 years old and I am sure the readers of this web page would understand.  Please do remember that all you see when you look at me is the form.  Also please spread the word about my web page, I know it is sad, but it is all true.

Remember, I am just an 11 year old child, I have no family, I have no friends, and I am not brave enough to walk up to someone and say, "HI".

Please remember, With my Social Anxiety, Time Disorder, and the Ultimate wish, I would like to quote something from The Make A Wish Foundation:


This here may be the most saddest story you will ever read in your whole life.

Chapter #6: Tutoring


(Me tutoring kids, would be scary for those who do not read this...) 

I know my tutoring aspect might seem kind of desperate.  Plus with my ability to please kids who would ask for things.  I had the idea back when my so called, (Nephew) was tutoring me...

Once upon a time, there was a traveling salesman, who made his money by selling his school work.  He came up to a buyer and asked, “Can I have 5 dollars if I do this?”   But the buyer was generous and offered him $10 dollars to do it.  (Sometimes he gave him more- depending on how many pages the Salesman had done.)  The buyer liked how he did not ask for help, he did not complain about his work, and that the salesman would do his work without pestering him.  He also noticed how trusting, and how honest the salesman was, meaning if the buyer found anything wrong, then the salesman would not get anything.

My Personal Slogan: You Must Work For What You Want.

The Wise Man Works For What He Wants

Math, Reading, and Science.
If every worksheet: Math- (Both Sides), Reading, and Science is completed with every answer correct, then you will then earn 20 Points.   If I find incorrect answers, or undone pages- then points will be taken away from your score.  (It’s usually minus 2 points per wrong answer.)
      Multiple Worksheets can be done for extra credit.   

DO NOT place pages into the work slot without being in an Envelope!           The envelope must contain 1 completed reading page, 1 completed (both sided) math page, and 1 completed science page, sealed with your full name written on the top of the envelope and placed neatly into the work slot to be checked:   Wednesday at 5:00pm. 

Your Reward will be ready on Thursday.

Rude behavior, misuse of equipment, or your actions can cause loss of all your points.

You should know by now that my best friend, aka: My Nephew: (10 years old) who was a lot smarter then me, was kicked from school.  He taught me how to do math, and sometimes he would read to me.  His mom, who I have known for over 20 years has allowed me to be with him so I can have a Family and an Education.  I do not have much education, so when I have friends over here, I like to make it so they work for what they want.  But this has been faded out, with the years upon us, they outgrow me, become smarter then me, have families, and kids of their own.  It is very sad, and with the kids that I tutor, the smiles, the questions, and all those finished math pages- eventually I will lose my tutoring abilities.  Perhaps someday, I will have gained enough friends and Students to start my own tutoring business.  Besides, I do have a few math solutions that my Best Friend taught me.

You might find my teaching abilities kind of unique, I experiment on new teaching abilities everyday.  Having them teach me and having me learn from the student, but still tutoring them, I play as the student, asking them how they did that.  But secretly- I already know the answer to the problem, I ask anyway.  Asking them, "Can you teach me how to do this".   My teaching abilities for 5th and 6th graders, doing (Plus Same Number)- you start by adding 1 + 1, then plus 2, plus 4, plus 8, plus 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024- and so on....

So if you want me to tutor your kid- know that I am a good poet, good at solving puzzles, but I am bad at my reading comprehension, and as for math: I can go up to multiplication but that is about it.

For about 5 years, I was trying to go with time, learning as a 7th grader.  But my accident prevented me from learning, meaning, I only have a 4th grade education, so when I check their work- I usually have to look up the answers in the book, that is why I do not let them work from the book, because they have been known to look in the back.

Just as I have done for my family years ago.

You can however, send teachers out here to talk to me.  I have been told that I have a very weird way of teaching, I do not circle the wrong ones, I tell him how many he got wrong and let him Find and Correct them himself.   If those wrong ones are still there then I start deducting him 5 points from his score.  And as of right now, I only have 1 student.  I do hope to get more.  So, if you want me to be a tutor to your son, or daughter- I would love to.  I will get a work book for the child to work from.  I think I will get a tray where when they are finished with their work, they put their work in the tray, (They must put down their names.)   I get their work out, I will count all the correct answers, once I am finished, he or she will get an award.

However, upon tutoring, I would like to learn with the other 5th graders.  Trust me; I have been with kids for a very long time, at least 12 years, so you can say that I do know how to look after them.  If you want to set me up with an interview, my phone number will be on the card.

Contact me?



By: Mickey Buchanan
6007 Marius Dr.
Klamath Falls, Oregon